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It is crucial that students learn to utilize technology at a young age and continue to use technology throughout their education. That is why we developped a couple of subjects for the young students, and make sure the students can understand how much the subjects can positively influence their learning outcomes.

  • Scratch Coding Program
  • Drone Coding Program
  • Minecraft Education : Edition
  • Robot programming
  • Python for Kids

Discover our Club

Junior Club is based in Victoria, Melbourne. We offer a number of STEAM Education Subjects which initiatives take place with the youth in our organization, who range from ages 4-16. With our mobile STEAM and Maker Labs, youth are able to participate the subjects at home or our on site campus.

What Our Students Say

About Us

Who We Are

Junior Club is founded in earlier 2020, our STEAM Club encourages creative exploration of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) by incorporating the arts (the A in STEAM).

We based in Victoria, Melbourne, all our colleagues are working hard to make our club to be a a dedicated space for students to engage in creative STEAM projects, collaborate with others, and create masterpieces.

Our Activities

Our STEAM classes are linked with the science and technology outcomes of the Victorian curriculum and give students an opportunity to demonstrate their creativity, ingenuity and use their maths skills in real life problem solving tasks.

Our school holiday programs are the perfect opportunity to kickstart that resting brain after the long break before school starts for the year, or to stay on track with learning (STEAM Subjects or Academic Subjects) during the term holidays.

We regularly hold online game competitions for students, they are fun activities that teachers can play with their students via the internet. The purpose of these games is to educate and entertain students, which also helps build friendships.

Club Values

Cooperation – We want everyone to learn and succeed, and this requires us to work together, compromise, and share, in order to succeed.

Critical Thinking – We teach students how to learn and be analytical so they can go out into the world as lifelong learners to solve the problems of the 21st Century.

Excellence – We are a school that strives to excellence in academic, sporting, and artistic pursuits.

Goal-Oriented – We’re a goal-oriented school. We set ourselves personal goals that are challenging but achievable. We work every day to meet our goals.

NDIS Support Services

OZ Junior Club is proud to offer a range of services to support individuals under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

Our dedicated team provides assistance with daily life activities, fostering independence and enhancing quality of life. Additionally, we harness the power of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) education and technology to create inclusive programs for people with disabilities.

Through innovative approaches, we empower individuals to explore their interests, develop new skills, and embrace the possibilities of the digital world. Our goal is to promote inclusion and provide opportunities for growth and self-expression for people with disabilities in a supportive and engaging environment.

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The easiest way to join our club activities is to email / call us to have the lastest information.
Nowadays, the STEAM subjects are so important for the students to study the modern knowledge, e.x. Minecraft Education: Edition, the students can learn not only the Computer Science, but also Math, History, Culture, Design, etc.
If there is anything we can help, feel free give us a visit!

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